Still Alive

Immerse Yourself in Still Alive: The Ultimate FPS Zombie Arcade Shooter for Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro!

Step into the thrilling world of Still Alive, where every moment is a fight for survival and every decision can mean life or death. Experience a game that redefines the FPS zombie genre with intense gameplay and immersive VR action.

Game Modes:

- Survival Mode: Battle through 10 relentless waves of zombies with limited guns and ammo. Can you survive the onslaught?

- Protect Mode: Shield civilians from the zombie horde and ensure their safety within a set time limit. Will you be their hero?

- Train Mode: Sharpen your skills by slashing and shooting fruits with various weapons. Relax, train your aim, and enjoy the session.

Constant Development:

We are dedicated to enhancing your experience. Expect more weapons, thrilling maps, and exciting updates as we continue to develop Still Alive.

Join us in this adrenaline-pumping adventure and prove you’re still alive!

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Major Release v2.0:

- New Weapon: Axe
- New Island Map with 5 Training sessions.
- Updated Protect mode.
- Improved Game mechanics.
- Bugfixes & Optimization.